Bathroom Renovation: Splurge or Save?

We’ve gathered information on where to splurge and save for an optimally stylish and functional bathroom.

There is a lot to spend on in a bathroom: fixtures, flooring, walls, and more. If you live strictly by a principle of aesthetic and quality, you might end up with a bathroom renovation bill that’s not for the faint of heart. But worry not, we’ve gathered information on where to splurge and save for an optimally stylish and functional bathroom.

Splurge: Bathroom fittings

Fixtures in the bathroom undergo the heaviest usage. In other words, wear and tear is inevitably expedited in this department. So, to avoid faucets that start leaking a year into its installation, invest in good quality fittings right off the bat.

In addition, they directly impact your day-to-day experience, since you need to use them several times a day. The subtle benefits often become apparent with frequent usage. A slightly pricier toilet could mean better ergonomics, or tougher glazing that makes maintaining its shine that much easier. A showerhead that costs a couple more bucks could have a water-saving feature that helps you save much more than you spent in the long run.

In short, splurge now, so you won’t have to regret later.

Save: Tiles

If the bathroom is large enough, there may be no need to tile every wall: simply paint the one furthest from the shower with moisture-resistant paint. If you fancy a statement wall in the bathroom, expensive Italian tiles aren’t always essential: cheaper tiles manufactured in China have improved considerably in quality in recent years. Moreover, the key is in the arrangement – simpler, more affordable tiles can be laid in unique patterns such as herringbone to achieve your desired effect.

As for flooring, large, seamless tiles are increasingly favoured for their luxurious outcome. Keep in mind that with narrower and fewer grouts, traction is reduced and the floor is more slippery. Larger tiles also have the downside of being costly. In this aspect, practicality certainly trumps visual appeal.

Splurge: Shower glass enclosure

Shower glass is a matter of safety. Get tempered and laminated glass for the enclosure – they are four times stronger than ordinary glass. In the event of breakage, the laminate holds the two layers of glass together for easy cleanup and localised damage.

Confining splashes effectively also allows you to employ less water-resistant materials elsewhere. Sliding doors are a great space saver in smaller bathrooms. If ventilation is a concern, consider at least a partial enclosure.

Save: Plumbing

If there’s nothing majorly wrong with the plumbing, leave it as it is. Modifications to plumbing – big or small – are not friendly to the budget.

While wall-hung and floating vanities are enjoying a popularity surge, they often require the visible waste pipe to be in stainless steel instead of the cheaper PVC for cosmetic purposes. This adds to the expenditure unnecessarily. Focus on sufficient storage for the vanity area to minimize clutter with appropriate cabinetry.

Splurge: Countertop

Countertop is another high traffic area. Whether your basin has the proper depth and width to contain spills plays a part in their longevity, but countertops need to be resilient nonetheless. They must be able to withstand makeup stains and cleaning product spills, as well as constant exposure to humidity.

Low-budget options like laminate perform less ideally in terms of durability; premium selections like marble are too demanding. Quartz, or other similarly porous yet dense engineered stones, strikes the perfect balance between beauty and brawn. Pleasing to the eye, reasonably priced, relatively easy to care for – we have a winner.